Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting every device with embedded microcontroller with every other IP-enabled entity on the Internet by enabling Internet Protocol into every device. While Internet of Things (IoT) market is not matured currently, it is not only going to be a reality but it will impact every home and business on the planet in the next 15 years.

Breakthroughs in the cost of sensors, processing power and bandwidth to connect devices are enabling ubiquitous connections right now. Early simple products like fitness trackers and thermostats are already gaining traction. Internet of Things (IoT) has enormous breadth and can be broken up into five key verticals of adoption: Connected Wearable Devices, Connected Cars, Connected Homes, Connected Cities, and the Industrial Internet.

ValueLinked is a early enabler of the IoT trend and heavily invested and involved in developing applications for syncing data and actions across more than one device, thus enabling the user to move their interaction from one device to the next.

IoTServices offered by ValueLinked:

  • Rapid creation of end-to-end “smart” applications for a wide range of markets including: Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Smart Water, Smart Buildings, Smart lighting and Telematics.
  • Deliver end-to-end solutions for remote service management, predictive maintenance, automated billing and replenishment, and big data analytics.
  • Develop wearable, mHealth and remote monitoring applications
  • Develop cloud integrations with microcontroller based and sensor based products like Nest, Fitbit, etc…
  • Develop applications on popular M2M platforms like PeleForce, Net4things, AylaNetworks, etc…