Sales Chat And Account Management

Sales Chat

Our 24/7 Sales Chat program is an efficient way to interact with incoming leads, identify their interest, and transform casual visitors into repeat customers. We can create and manage your sales chat programs.

Benefits of our 24/7 Sales chat service:

  • This is a cost-effective tool to engage with online customers and prospects
  • Proactive click-to-chat non-intrusive programs result in higher lead-to-sale conversions
  • Compared to outbound programs, which generate 3-10% of lead-conversion, sales-chats generally convert over 30% of chats into potential leads
  • By resolving issues immediately, our sales chat service creates a positive impression, resulting in shorter sales process for your sales team
  • You can increase your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing your company’s revenues
  • Our chat service allows sales agents to multi-task, resulting in efficiency and providing excellent customer service without hindering the customer’s experience
  • A live chat is geographically widespread and is a better alternative to telephones


Account management

Our account management services are aimed at increasing the probability of repeat business and up-sell opportunities from existing customers. While our dedicated team members focus on increasing ROI from existing accounts your sales team members can focus on winning new customers.

Providing good after-sales service to your customers is a big challenge, as expressed by most Heads of Sales. In every organization, sales teams are built around focusing on sales. The task of managing business accounts or relationships is the domain of Accounts or Relationship management teams and sales teams.We have specialists who understand the complexities of managing successful high-value relationship, gathering new requirements, keep updating organization charts, managing customer deliverables expectations. Additionally our team members can add value by closing deals on behalf of your firm, renewing and re-negotiating contracts on a yearly basis, up-selling and seeking references.