SaaS applications / Cloud Enablement

Valuelinked hasvast experience in developing SaaSapplications from scratch, or enabling multi-tenancy for existing legacy applications. While developing SaaS applications, our team members not only work on the technology front, but work closely with you on developing SaaS business model, plan scalability and product roadmap, pricing, billing and payment collection models.

ValueLined services include Cloud Strategy and Analysis Service, Cloud Design Service, Cloud Build Service, and Cloud Optimization Service – all with a focus on cloud security. Our services help enterprises:

  • Accelerate the development of a financially justified cloud strategy with a measurable ROI
  • Quickly develop and implement an SaaS architecture
  • Create a phased migration plan to support the successful adoption of the new cloud operational model
  • Prioritize and accelerate migration of business applications into the new cloud infrastructure
  • Turn IT into a services-driven strategic center of innovation

ValueLinked will help you select the right public cloud solution for your needs:

  • Quantify and justify your public cloud initiative based on your unique business situation and goals
  • Improve the quality and delivery of applications and services by selecting the most appropriate applications to migrate to your cloud
  • Improve service performance by determining how your cloud migration will affect the data center infrastructure in terms of virtualization, dependencies, and application latencies
  • Protect and secure the user experience and the business with security imperatives and regulations as you migrate to the cloud