QA Testing and Test Automation Services

Testing Services

ValueLinked’s key testing services include

  • Test strategy consulting
  • Test case development and functional manual testing
  • Test automation
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance, Stress, Volume and Load Testing
  • Security testing
  • Mobile and Cloud Testing

Testing Tools

ValueLinked testing tools competency is as below:

  • Test Automation – QTP, Microfocus, Rational
  • Opensource tools – Selenium, OpenSTA, JMeter
  • Server side testing – Perl and Shell Script
  • Load testing – LR, SOASTA, uTest, Spirent Blitz, etc…

Test Strategy and Consulting

Valuelinked specializes in QA consulting,test strategy and management. In QA Consulting, we objectively assess if QA processes, tools and frameworks being implemented by an organization are delivering products and applications of the highest quality. We identify and prioritize gaps in processes and makerecommendations covering test methodologies, automation strategy, test management tools, metrics, and training requirements. QA consulting services typically span multiple products, applications, and projects. A common scenario in which this service is provided to customers is when they need an independent third party assessment of their overall QA organization’s maturity.

Our test strategy and management offering is customized for specific products and applications, and clearly outlines adetailed execution plan covering quality objectives and deliverables corresponding to every milestone in the SDLC, resource budgeting, timelines and release criteria, test automation strategy and tool

selection. Customers typically avail this service when there is insufficient test management bandwidth in the organization for a specific product being developed or maintained. We have created Test Strategies for new products and applications and also for Version 2.0 products by incorporating feedback from the field, service requests, issues found during the sustenance engineering phase etc.

Test Automation

Software failures can put your business at risk and affect your credibility in the eyes of your customers and stakeholders. ValueLinked test automation servicesdelivers a complete automated testing solution for functional, graphical user interface, and regression testing that helps you reduce the risks of application failures.

This software testing solution enables your QA team to identify and correctdefects across a wide breath of application environments, data sets and business processes. You can also create sophisticated test suites with minimal training and easily perform regression testing in constantly changing environments. This powerful combination of functional testing tools allows you to conduct both manual and automated testing for both Graphical User Interface (GUI) -based applications and non GUI-based services.

Performance Automation:

Customers now-a-days insist on applications being fast, relevant, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and satisfying. With more applications competing for screen space and mind space, organizations want to make sure that their applications are optimized to deliver the experience their users demand.As organizations continue to drive more customers to their websites applications, the increased traffic can push the application architecture’s performance over a precipice. Performance issues are traditionally difficult to identify before an application is launched. When detected after launch, it often involves costly remedial work..

ValueLinked maintains a Testing Center of Excellence for performance testing services with highly trained personnel and specialized infrastructure. ValueLinked builds customized performance testing solutions for clients using remote web load testing infrastructure and data centers spread across the US and other global locations.

Compatibility Testing

We are experienced in creating test suites and running software Compatibility and Interoperability tests across various software and hardware platforms. Some of them are

  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Networking hardware and Hardware Platform
  • Compatibility of peripheral devices like Printer, DVD drive, etc.
  • Other System Software (Web server, Application Server, etc.)
  • Browser compatibility (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, etc.)

Compatibility and Interoperability Testing verifies that the software being tested operates as intended along with other hardware and software. Consequently this test performs a crucial task, especially if your software or website supports various platforms with various hardware and software components.

Security Testing

Our security testing solutions ensure our customers overcome three most important facets of running a successful business – performance limitations, security failures, and overspending. Our offerings in the security testing arena include – Web Application Penetration Testing, Security Code Review, Vulnerability testing, Network Security Assessment, Product Security Testing, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Services.

Mobile Testing

Mobiledevices are everywhere. Businesses depend on them. Customers interact with them like never before. Their exponential growth is creating high demand and an even higher need for advanced functionality. But innovation and increased speed to market bring many testing challenges. Diverse hardware. Complex operating systems. Numerous carriers.

Creating problem-free applications can be tedious and expensive for businesses. Mobile Application Testing for most companies is still in its infancy and most do not have well-defined methodologies or business strategies to meet their needs. Shortened test cycles combined with rapid development creates huge limitations. The lack of support and expertise for testing, as well as the lack of usability guidelines and standards means most business face huge quality assurance risks when they go to market.

Our proven approach for Mobile Application Testing bridges the gap between your business and technology requirements. We integrate easily with your QA and business analytics to ensure high-quality and unmatched results.

ValueLinked QA Testing services Advantages

  • Strategic Test Process Consulting
  • Automation Tools and Frameworks
  • Focus on Technology based Testing
  • Approach, Peopleand  Technology methodology
  • Global delivery model with 365 x 24 x 7 support
  • Dedicated Automation and Performance Testing lab at India