New Products and Outsourcing

46% of all resources allocated by US firms are spent on failed products. 86% of the resources is spent before commercialization. We at ValueLinked can help you define and create new products that are successful and mitigate outsourcing risks.

New product creation

  • Identify opportunity by analyzing the trends in the market – socially, politically, environmentally.
  • Analyze the customer problem and available options .
  • Identify your gaps and problems .
  • Help you replicate, adapt and improve the success of other’s success.
  • Conduct field validations .



While the concept of IT outsourcing is not inherently flawed, the execution in many cases is, the rate is well above 50%. Common reasons for failures are increased vendor management efforts, inadequate governance, conflict resolution efforts and ability to perform to the standard acceptable. Valuelinked services are aimed at identifying the root cause of outsourcing failure and aimed at improving the success rates.

Following are the services offered by ValueLinked:

  • Restructure or renegotiate the existing vendor contracts.
  • Shop around for IT outsourcing vendors and evaluate them.
  • Repatriate some or all of your outsourced services.
  • Work out outsourcing framework that mitigate risks.