mHealth And Digital Health

The cost of healthcare is exploding and providers are under tremendous pressure from government regulations like Affordable Care Act, Employers and Payers for changing their fee-for-treatment model to preventative one. Chronic disease management has been big problem and almost 80% of cost is occurred due to Obesity, Smoking, COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes and Cancer. Also drivers like increasing presence of smart phone, demand for accessibility to personal health data and convenience from consumers, bundled payments, readmission rates and ACOs are increasing innovation in the way Healthcare is delivered and accessed.

ValueLinked is in the forefront of delivering solutions in the mHealth and Digital Health space. Following are some of the solutions and services offered by us.

  • mHealth and Digital HealthApps, MVPs and prototypes development
  • Chronic disease management applications
  • Integrations with EHR and EMR through HL7
  • Imaging solutions for Dicom and PACS systems
  • Wearable’s and Fitness Apps
  • Software Testing services
  • HIPAA hosting and application availability monitoring
  • Sensor based applications
  • Remote patient monitoring and Aging In Place
  • VoIP, Video and SMS
  • Telehealth solutions
  • Patient outreach and population management applications
  • Care coordination applications
  • Behavior and Lifestyle change applications
  • Physician and Patient Communication
  • Social Media and Omni Channel communication