Welcome to ValueLinked

ValueLinked is a turnkey solution provider – for providing solutions to both Business and IT problems a company faces across Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Technology, Transformation and Growth. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of early-stage firms, SMBs as well as Fortune 500 companies.

More about us

Who we are

We are a global company with some of the brightest minds in Technology, Sales and Marketing working day in and out to make a positive difference for our clients.

What we do

We develop everything from creative and fun mobile applications to large and complex web applications. We also provide innovative business acceleration solutions across multiple verticals.

Why we do it

We love technology. We love growth. And above all we have fun doing what we do.

Where we do it

We are a global company located across two continents.


  • "Vipool and his team went overboard to address deliverables and we changed details often. Good service, communicates well and professional. Looking forward to possibly working together on more projects."
    Christopher E. Johnson CEO, ACUTEICON, UNITED STATES
  • "I have worked with several companies now and all are terrific in their own way. ValueLinked stands ahead of the game and a step beyond in creative thinking. I cannot recommend this company highly enough."
  • "We had great experience in working with Ram Chandrasekaran and ValueLinked team members. They were instrumental in materializing our goals across both business and technology side of the company. For the last 3 years, they have been helping us with manual testing of our partner products and test automation of our core healthcare platform using Cucumber, Selenium and Ruby on Rails. Similarly they are responsible for planning& meeting Sales and Marketinggoals with Healthcare and Life Sciences companies and Telecoms around the world. They developed our initialGo-to-Market strategy and business model, and continue to lead direct sales, lead generation and social media marketing activities globally."
    Marc BandtCEO of Pelesend, Inc.
  • "From the very early days of one of company I was consulting with, Ram and ValueLinked have been key partners in the success of that start up. With ValueLinked’s team we were able to build an MVP in 2 months and move to a production ready system quickly using Ruby on Rails. The development and infrastructure staff has always turned out top quality work and is highly responsive. ValueLinked team also helped us identify patents and participated in fund raising efforts."
    Advisor to the Bay Area Product Company
  • "We had great experience working with ValueLinked team in multiple projects involving protocols and regulatory standards implementation, Cassandra and BigData Analytics rollouts using Hadoop. Their commitment to deliver high quality work within budget and on-time delivery with great understanding about what our business team needs continues to amaze me. They have been instrumental making my dream a reality."
    Sr. Director of Engineering for Largest CleanTech Enterprise
  • "We had great experience with Ram and ValueLinked. They were instrumental in developing our product frontend development using PHP and Java, general availability, pricing, business model and sales. They developed APIs to connect with Tumblr and Twitter, validated market needs, named and released product, and developed business plan successfully."
    CEO of Social Media Marketing Plugin company, Bay Area.