Valuelinked helps software startups and ISVs succeed by giving them access to software development and deploymentautomation tools, expert engineering and domain resources, distribution channels and strategic partners, finding initial adopters and developing right business models. In addition to this, Valuelinkedhelps customers with technical support teams to service end customer needs, productivitytrainings and access to network of over 5,000 contacts which include incubators, investors, advisors, trade agencies and VCs from around the world.

We are experts in working with ISVs who are in different stages of their business lifecycle: Startups, Emerging, Established, Declining and Transformation. Valuelinked services are optimized to provide value relative to each stage of ISVs.

For Startup’s and Boot strapped companies:

Emerging tech companies have serious funding, R&D andproduct development needs. Also they struggle to win initial adopters, develop powerful use cases or looking to grow their customer base. Valuelinked’s team members are experts helping these companies effectively meeting the funding and technological challenges, acquiring new customers and develop successful business model.

Valuelinked helps these ISVs with following technology services:

  • Prototype and MVP development
  • R & D services
  • Product development and API integrations
  • Mobile and Web Apps
  • QA Testing services
  • SaaS and Cloud applications

Established ISVs:

Established ISVs need to balance growth and profits. Valuelinked’s services help these companies rapidly scale their engineering team’s capability by acting as a trusted partner to develop additional features to existing products or build new  products or carryout customer rollouts. Technology Services include:

  • Providing flexible resource models and coordinating multiple product releases
  • Full lifecycle product development, enhancements, maintenance and End of Life product support
  • Improving process, workflow and productivity
  • Cost effective Testing, QA and support services
  • Transformation and Application Re-Engineering services
  • Multi Tenancy and Cloud Enablement

These services are aimed at helping them:

  • Reposition themselves in the market
  • Keep pace with new technology
  • Migrate or obtain new customers
  • Increase revenue opportunities with existing customers
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