Customer Insights

Customer Centricity is a key in making a company successful long tem and able to retain high value customers and differentiate themselves from its competitors. ValueLinked’s customer insights are aimed at making company Customer Centric. Customer Insight is way to identify the interests of the consumer and features of the brand. Its main purpose is to understand why the consumer cares for the brand as well as their underlying mindsets, moods, motivation, desires, aspirations, and motivates that trigger their attitude and actions.Our services are aimed at collection, deployment and interpretation of information that allows a business to acquire, develop and retain their customer.

Services offered by ValueLinked are:

Customer lifecycle Management

A company gets 80% of its revenue from 20% of its customers and it hard to pinpoint who they are unless one gather’s data and analyze it. We help companies grow their existing customer revenue and retain the high value customers.

  • We help companies understand the cost of acquisition of customers across the organization’s offerings
  • We calculate average stay of a customer with a brand
  • Based on the data collected above we calculate the lifetime value of the customer.
  • Then identify high value customers and help companies come up with programs which can increase their loyalty.


Customer Satisfaction Lifecycle

It is essential for a company to collect customer’s feedback, new product ideas and understand their satisfaction levels to be able to create products and services that requires little effort to complete sale

  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Social Media campaigns to collect ideas or increase customer engagement levels
  • Email campaigns


Marketing Return on Investment

  • TrackRoI of marketing campaigns and trade show participations.
  • Optimize the marketing spend.
  • Create marketing spend plans and manage budgets better.
  • Track and analyze impact of social media.