Create Target List & Email Compaign

Target List Management:

Lead generation activities starts with target list creation. It is paramount that you know whom you want to reach out to within an organization and have their coordinates right. The target lists that you may find in the market are neither specific to your business nor current. So we are left with no option but to create a target list that is specific for our businesses. ValueLinked has expert teams who are good in identifying right contacts and creating harvested email lists.

We are good at using tools like, ZoomInfo, Hoovers, InsideView, etc… and Google search. Also we use various tools and techniques to validate the email id and phone numbers for a given contact. Our team members also understandsthe around database management when the company grows, hence we will build target list databases in a CRM upload-able format, so that the contacts can be managed in the CRM easily in the long run.

Key differentiators of ValueLinked team members would be the speed and accuracy of email ids.

Email Campaigns:

With calling is losing its charm due to low conversion ratio and increasing human costs, email campaigns have become increasingly important. However with so many emails reaching inbox of your target contact and spam filters, it is difficult for one to receive response from prospective client.ValueLinked’s team members are good at effective email marketing campaigns. All our email campaigns will have 

  • Intelligent Subject lines
  • Segmented lists
  • Limited promo-speak
  • Clear call for actions

Also we are good at using tools like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, Hubspot, etc… and generate reports on the email campaigns. These reports are very useful for management team members to make appropriate decisions on Sales & Marketing and allows inside sales team channel their energy on people who have reacted to email campaigns positively in someway.