Appointment Setting & Lead Qualification

Appointment Setting

We have expert appointment setting team that can work round the clock with focus on generating leads globally. We use tools and techniques that allows our customer’s to track our appointment setting team’s performance and call quality. Also our established Quality Quadrant Process (QQP) allows us to ensure quality message and services are delivered to your customers at all times. Some of the reasons why you should work with us are:

Reduced employee training, turnover and capital costs, focused effort in lead generation and reduced cost, Access to high quality sales leads and experience in reaching out to people.

 Lead Qualification

Most companies in the world, don’t have lead qualification teams within their sales execution teams while successful companies have. Researches show that 90% of the customers impressed if reached within the same day of them visiting websites and more than 60% of them buy from vendors who reached them first. We have highly qualified, experienced inside sales team members who would be happy to reach out to your website visitors and harvested leads for qualifying the opportunity further. We have helped many technology product companies qualify leads into potential sales opportunities.