Account and People Intelligence

Account Intelligence

How can you get to know what challenges are faced by a potential customer? It seems simple, right? Just ask. But this is a chicken and egg situation. In order to get an audience with a prospect to find out what challenges they are up against, you’ll need to know the what are typical challenges faced companies similar to the prospect first, so that you can have a meaningful introductory email – which will lead to getting a meeting or phone conversation. If you just try to set up a conversation based on the fact that you have a solution to a problem they may not be concerned about for their business…well, you already know what happens. Not much at all. And if you do, by chance, get a discussion scheduled, make sure no-one asks “What keeps you up at night?” It’s a giveaway that you haven’t done your homework.

ValueLinked can work help you create best quality target accounts and conduct surveys to try and understand customers with real needs. We can do this by conducting surveys using tools like SurveyMonkey and partnering with event & tradeshow promoters globally. Also we partner with companies like ExactTarget and Research firms like IDC, Dun & Bradstreet to identify needs of the companies.

As part of the service offerings, we keep an eye on the target account related news and announcements. Also we help our customers with funding information, revenue level, employees, branches, etc… for the target accounts.

Personal Intelligence

While we are connected to many people in our network, we only have limited bandwidth to be able focus on developing relationships with few of our connections. Most times the actual business come from the contacts that we are not actively in touch with. We at valuelinked keep tracking all relevant information about the contacts you have in your database or network from Social Media and LinkedIn and monitor the possibility to generating opportunities through them.