The Brief

ERP and CRM product company in the market for 30 years offering full fledged ERP / CRM solution designed to help executives and managers of fast-growing companies maximize business performance by maintaining visibility and control of their manufacturing operations. Give the CRM Users, the ability to create and send an email in Outlook that is automatically inserted into CRM as an Email for the Account and Contact and to give Users the ability to select an Outlook email that was already sent to be inserted into CRM as a Note for the Account and Contact.

The Solution

ValueLinked team built ValueLinked Outlook plug in. The Architecture was based on implementing extensibility interfaces in an Outlook add-in. The communication to the CRM Server accesses the built-in web API’s for the outlook add-in. ValueLinked used Visual Studio, .Net technologies to delivery the plugin.

Technology Services:
Quality Assurance:
November 9, 2014